Friday, 15 December 2017

Santa Baby

I've had a lovely sparkly month so far, including staying at some historic London hotels, seeing the Christmas lights, and a shopping trip to Harrod's. I'm extremely grateful for the thoughtful gifts I have received.

Thank you for reading/ subscribing to my blog! Here is my gift to you- some fun new pin-up shots taken in my luxurious hotel room by Mistress Elita earlier this month :)

We had a lot of fun shooting these while listening to my golden oldies Christmas playlist!

Tap each picture to see a larger version.

Elita naturally insisted on getting me naked at the end of the shoot, but I'm saving that picture for January ;) If you can't wait that long, you can see it in its full glory in my AdultWork Private Gallery.

If you'd like to meet up in London for a 5* fling this month, I am available 19th and 20th December- and yes, I can wear this outfit! If anyone wants to join me in celebrating 25th December and/or New Year's Eve like a libertine, that is also definitely an option. As usual, simply submit >here< to apply.

I will most likely be available for DirectChat on the phone sometime on Christmas Day, too- follow @MissLillyWatson on Twitter to be updated on exact timings closer to the time.

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