Spanking New Pictures!

Hello, blog readers and subscribers!

May has been a month of personal introductions, which feels very appropriate, as it is also our introduction to what is going to be a HOT summer.

This month, I introduced:-

  • a regular playmate to the laidback joys of overnight dates;
  • myself to the extremely kinky joys of playing with Elizabeth Swan and Miss Hunter (see photos above!);
  • one of my Girlfriends, Donna Hardy, to two of my valued clients (they loved her, of course!)

I also introduced myself to being a photographer- with myself as the subject! If you haven't already, subscribe to my blog (on the top right-ish of this page) and all the photos will be delivered to you for FREE very soon πŸ’‹

Even better, of course, would be to see me in person! Click here to make a booking request.

I am a kinky escort and luxurious dating companion based in Central London. I like vintage glamour, food, 5* hotel rooms and champagne cocktails. If you are interested in asking me out, please click here to read more about me and send a message.

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