Fantasy or Reality?

I am treating myself to a gorgeous 5* art deco hotel room in a discreet corner of Central London in early September, with room service, a spa, a 1930s cocktail bar to rival The Ritz, and a well-recommended restaurant, all under one roof. Everyone deserves a splurge from time to time, especially after a long hot summer.

Early September... Back to school?

At this time of the year, the evenings should still be balmy enough to enjoy a sunset stroll around one of London's famous parks, just outside the hotel, but if the weather is still as sticky as it is now, I'll be making use of my air-conditioned room instead! I may also have a relaxing massage in the hotel's high-end wellness spa.

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I'd love to have someone who enjoys relaxation and sensual company to share the experience and memories with. I already have a little fantasy forming in my head of holding hands across the table and going wild between the sheets with a sweet, and hopefully slightly naughty, generous gentleman. Something like this, perhaps?

8pm: Meet for a little sunset stroll around the picturesque park, or a beautifully presented cocktail in the dimly lit bar. 

 8.30-ish: British-French fusion dinner, while I tease him across the table in a scintillating gown and stilettos, briefly holding his hand with a sparkle in my eye, bubbling with conversation while perhaps feeling his hand lightly stroking my thigh under the table. I can make him feel entertained, special and transported to a dream date situation- where he knows the beautiful blonde English rose across the table laughing at his jokes and smiling into his eyes will soon be eagerly putting her lips to other uses behind closed doors, and that the designer dress won't be staying on for long!

10.30pm: We slip into an elevator to our "superior" room for extended candlelit "playtime", perhaps including bathing together, feeding each other the champagne from my fridge, spanking, kissing, kink, intimacy, eventually whirling away into a deeply satisfied sleep in the wee hours. 

7am: I dream of waking up to kisses and sleepily fucking my friend awake, then making his coffee just how he likes it while he showers and dresses. At 8am, he could slip back into the real world in his crisp suit feeling like a million dollars, just as London is waking, with only the spring in his step to give away that anything ever happened.

I've been musing on this fantasy for days, with no idea if it will become a reality on that anonymous weekday in early September. If you're reading this and visualising it, you can physically enjoy it for real if you can gather £2k, a toothbrush and your dinner money by September! The hotel and champagne are on me :) Like I said, I'm positively desperate to unwind, regardless!

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