How to Book a London Escort in 6 Easy Steps!

Don't panic! It's super easy.

1.  Use websites like AdultWork, KLE (Kinky London Escorts) and Twitter to browse London escorts' profiles. On AW and KLE, you can even input specifics that you want in your search, such as kinks, hair colour, or whether they are able to host your date ("incall"). Enjoy browsing as many sexy photos as you can handle.

2.  Once you've narrowed it down to your favourite handful, read all the information they have provided for you on their profiles and personal websites. It's also a great idea to set up a dedicated account to follow your favourites on Twitter.

3.  When you know who you want to ask, contact them however they have asked to be contacted, remembering to include your name, email, mobile, when and where you'd like to meet, how long for, and anything in particular you'd like them to bring or do. Most will also ask you to provide the website addresses of other escorts you have met who they can contact for references, as a personal safety precaution.

4.  If your chosen escort wants to meet, she'll let you know how to take it from there. Most will ask for a non-refundable deposit, a standard practice to protect them against cancellations.

5.  Once your date is booked, all you have to do is get ready and be there on time! The further in advance you book, the more excitement and anticipation you get in the run-up. Do whatever you need to feel confident on the day: get an early night, work out, take a long bath, remove any hair you don't want to share, brush and floss your teeth, cotton bud your ears, visit a hygienist, get a colonic, a massage, a manicure, have your favourite suit dry cleaned in good time, meditate... It's totally normal to feel shy getting naked in front of a stranger for the first time, but there is plenty you can do to offset the nerves.

6.  If you haven't paid in advance, remember to bring the correct cash in British sterling discreetly stashed in an unsealed envelope, and hand it over within the first five minutes, right before you get in the shower.

That's it! When you come out of the shower, she'll be waiting for you...

I am a kinky escort and luxurious dating companion based in Central London. I like vintage glamour, food, 5* hotel rooms and champagne cocktails. If you are interested in asking me out, please click here to read more about me and send a message.

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