Sunday, 17 March 2019

Date Inspiration: Paris in London in the Springtime

"One night in Paris", "Paris in the springtime", "a Parisian affair"- we all know that Paris is considered the most romantic city in the world, with even that weird giant electricity pylon an international symbol of love! I must admit, I do adore Paris.

According to data collected on Instagram, Paris is in the top ten honeymoon destinations, but I must say, I was surprised not to see my London on that list! London has many, many charms of its own, but, perhaps because we are so well-connected with Paris, one can have a pretty damn Parisian experience right here.

A weekend in Paris can't be beat, but if you have a couple of hours spare for an "express" Paris in London experience, springtime is the time to do it, of course...

1.  Brunch at Ladurée

Ladurée at Harrod's is a gorgeous little Parisian patisserie café with a small upstairs dining area that feels pleasantly private. A French omelette with a freshly baked croissant in a light, almost dream-like environment is a beautiful way to recharge after a night of champagne and passion.

2.  Lunch at Mariage Frères

Mariage Frères is France's oldest and most prestigious teahouse, yet its largest outlet is right here in Covent Garden, serving delicacies such as matcha-infused scrambled eggs to haute couture fashion houses and supermodels.


Needless to say, they serve the most mouthwatering teas and tea cocktails imaginable, which I happen to know would also lure my girlfriend Darla Blake in, if you wanted to be truly French and make our date a threesome!

3.  Dinner at Clos Maggiore

The most romantic restaurant in London is, of course, French! Clos Maggiore has been on my wishlist for some time.

Madame Caramel and I enjoying French champagne cocktails at The Wolseley.

4.  French champagne cocktails at The Wolseley

The Wolseley has a European Deco style dining room and I personally guarantee you will be borderline hammered after two of their French champagne cocktails ;)

5.  A certain favourite 5* hotel of mine

I can't really name the hotel here for the sake of discretion, but it's a beautiful Art Deco place in Central London that's incredibly discreet to get in and out of, with a 20s Parisian-style cocktail bar and friendly yet discreet French staff.

If you would like to French-kiss me in one of the most high-end daytime incalls in the country, do email me (

6.  Shopping at Dior

If you thrill at taking your sweetie shopping, there is no shopping experience more joyful than sipping complementary champagne on the sofa in the middle of the day and watching me try on dresses in the French designer's relaxing world.

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