Sunday, 5 April 2020


Well! Gosh. My last blog was about dinner and dancing at The Ritz. Now I'm in lockdown and enjoying noodles and Netflix with my cat! What a comedown.

I wasn't particularly expecting a plague but paid attention to epidemiologists online and was fortunately able to stock up myself and my local animal shelter before mass panic-buying became an issue. I stopped seeing clients in person before lockdown anyway, to try and protect them and their families from coronavirus, and of course it is now illegal for any of us to meet anyone until the lockdown is lifted (so please stop asking! Send me your references now and then we can meet later, when it's safe). I also have plenty of soap, hand sanitiser and so on, so I'm good! Thank you everyone who checked up x

I'm trying to stay off Twitter as my feed just got too depressing :( but if you have a (free) AdultWork account, you can text me, and I'll text you back, no phone numbers revealed. I don't like to list my personal number online because of nuisance calls, so this seems like a good balance between feeling personal and secure. I might even be available for phone calls and IMs at some point too ;)

Hair, makeup and photo by The Pin-up Academy; leather lingerie from Coco De Mer.

In the meantime, I'm battening down the hatches at home, reading some good books, watching old films, playing with my cat, cooking, cleaning, having lie-ins, letting my nail polish grow out and doing a little yoga every day. It's like a temporary retirement but after some initial terror I'm starting to actually enjoy this very relaxed pace of life!

Hair, makeup and photo by The Pin-up Academy

However, I still have daily fantasies about...

  • SEX AND KINK omg it's been three weeks πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ Enough said.
  • RESTAURANTS. I will never cook myself anything ever again after this. I've done my time. In my first week out of lockdown, I intend to support a different local restaurant every night.
  • COCKTAILS. All I have left in my "cave" now is gin, and half a bottle of MΓΆet in the fridge. I constantly fantasise about going to one of my favourite, gorgeous, tucked-away little darkened London cocktail bars, where I can wear a scintillating gown and order champagne cocktails to my heart's content.
  • WEARING HIGH HEELS. It sounds strange but I find I'm missing the glamour of trotting around in my 4"+ heeled Loubs collection. I can't really wear them at home because of the wooden floors.
  • ENTERTAINMENT THAT DOESN'T COME FROM A SCREEN. The theatre, outdoor adventures, shopping trips and even the simple pleasure of meeting for coffee and a real, face-to-face chat are all things I will appreciate even more after this.

That wasn't very constructive but listing the things I miss was strangely comforting! I know I'll be enjoying them all again in less than a year. I'm visualising gentlemen all over the country flying out of their front doors like a round of champagne corks the moment lockdown is lifted 😁 If you'd like to get screening out of the way now so we can just get straight to it when the day comes, email (= constructive use of time in isolation).

I am a kinky escort and luxurious dating companion based in Central London. I like vintage glamour, food, 5* hotel rooms and champagne cocktails. If you are interested in asking me out, please click here to read more about me and send a message.

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