Looking forward to spring...

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Thought I should probably be good and update my blog, as it's been rather abandoned lately... probably because not much has been going on that I want to write about. Lockdown is lonely. I go on Twitter here and there but it's not the same as real human companionship. Meeting old and new friends for dinner and fun will seem like a whole new world when I am doing it again (maybe in March/ April?) as it's been so long! Can't decide whether I'll be overly nervous or overly horny by then, haha. I miss all the little rituals of glamour, which I don't take to such an extreme when I'm alone. I curled my hair the other day and it felt really good, but for the most part it's been months of messy hair, no makeup and takeout or instant noodles at weird times of day and night.

Sorry if this blog is coming across as a little mopey, but something I have missed more than I thought I would is doing photo shoots. It turns out that modelling is a bigger creative outlet for me than I realised and I feel a bit lost without having a shoot to plan for! As it is, I'm filling notebooks with ideas and locations and my wardrobe with costumes ready for when I'm allowed back in the studio! I want to do a circus ringmaster shoot, maybe with some subby human lions... a PVC kitty fashion set... a Judy Garland tribute dripping in rhinestones... some exciting location shots for artistic nudes and high glamour eveningwear... so many ideas and no time or space to do them for months, argh!

I did have a go at shooting myself over the summer (as it were), which I quite enjoyed, although it's time-consuming compared to working with a good photographer (or willing client)...

Technically a selfie.
Summer 2020.

I guess simple nudes are probably what I'm best at shooting alone, so I should embrace it. When the weather warms up again. Unless it snows (maybe)!

"I came home. I enjoyed my bath. I enjoyed perfuming myself. I knew I was born for this, to do it over and over again, the ritual of the dressing, the perfuming, for love, for sensuality." - Anais Nin.

I miss my pre-date rituals: the showering and shaving with rose and honey soaps, trying on dresses and lingerie, getting excited packing certain items into my suitcase, the makeup, the perfume and jewellery, the conversation, the connection, the laughter, the being spoiled. It's worth hanging in there to help prevent the spread of Covid but still... meh!

I have started doing Pilates to stay sane, which sort of helps, especially when the weather is too bad to go for a walk, and a lovely foodie client has just started sending me a restaurant box to cook at home every month so I can invite my social bubble friend over and pretend we're eating in a restaurant once a month! It's like we're having a remote duo dinner date. Such a cool idea. My first arrival will be the lobster box from Rick Stein this weekend, and maybe a box from The Wolseley in February. Exciting! I have already bought the white burgundy to go with the lobster thermidor!

Soon, all this shall be mine.

Another favourite client just sent a beautiful limited edition bottle of Crystal Skull vodka from my wishlist along with a relaxing scented natural candle and the Vogue Book of Cocktails, so Social Bubble Friend and I can have the full bar and restaurant experience at home! Not to mention no need for taxis as she can just have a sleepover at mine ;)

It's like being a teenager again... sleepovers with boys not allowed for a while yet!

If you'd like to put down a deposit for a post-lockdown date, please feel free to drop me a line. You'll get first choice on your preferred dates and times and also support me in booking photographers and studios when the time comes :p There is no time limit on deposits, so it doesn't matter how long all this drags on for; it will still be valid.

In the meantime, take care of yourselves...

I am a kinky London escort and luxurious dating companion. I enjoy vintage glamour, fine dining, and visiting mature businessmen in their 5* hotels. If you would like to comment on this post, please email misslillywatson@protonmail.com.

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