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Today is the first day of spring, as far as I'm concerned- the weather seems a little milder, the days slightly longer, and I'm starting to notice Easter eggs appearing in the supermarket, alongside the Valentine's Day tat. I can feel my energy and optimism increasing as I look forward to even brighter days ahead.

In the meantime, I tried scratching my modelling itch a little at home by putting my phone on a timer and taking pictures that way. This is my favourite so far, taken only using the lovely natural light from my bedroom window, which just seemed to want to wrap around my naked self in all the right places :)

Underboob :D Please click the image for a closer look :)

There is a less cropped version in my AW Private Gallery, where you get to see the cool new Hedy Lamarr-inspired hair accessory I'm wearing, among other things ;)

This is my view as I type- I'm feeling very cheered up whenever I look at these lovely flowers I received this morning from a kind client who set up a weekly delivery for me to brighten every day of lockdown! This is my first one. Each bouquet is a surprise from the florist, so hopefully always seasonal and bringing the outdoors in a little (because fuck going outside when the weather's bad. I'd much rather it came to me).

And without seeming like I'm showing off gifts, here are some pictures from the amazing delivered lobster thermidor dinner from Rick Stein that I shared at home with my social bubble friend- I'm honestly not trying to show off, it's just I really haven't been doing anything except lurking on Twitter, playing with gifts and trying to learn how to make my own cocktails! I feel too scared to really spend much money on myself until lockdown is over because I'm annoyingly responsible like that, argh. So other people's kind generosity is making me extra happy! Thank you :*

Scallops and lobster in one sitting! Heaven.

Lobster thermidor and scallops queuing for the cooker!

One of my many New Year's resolutions for 2021 was to read a classic work of fiction every month, specifically something C20th American that I haven't read before. I really enjoyed The Great Gatsby, The Catcher in the Rye, Bonfire of the Vanities, Valley of the Dolls and American Psycho in high school so I thought I'd continue in that vein, especially since I haven't read all that much fiction since then.

I just completed my January "assignment", The Diamond as Big as the Ritz & other stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Even more critical of the rich and beautiful than The Great Gatsby, it was a great read but gave me the strong impression that Mr Fitzgerald was probably a fairly bitter and moody old curmudgeon. So that was fun.

I have just today started reading an equally old and battered paperback copy of Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, which should be easy going as it's just a novella really, maybe 90 pages. I like battered old second-hand paperbacks that I can read in the bath guilt-free. I might make The Grapes of Wrath my March book if I like this one.

On a slightly less worthy note, I keep going back to look at the Ladurée Venus Mon Amour macarons giftbox, which contains rose gold glittery heart-shaped macarons, pink macarons individually painted with love-hearts, and has gorgeous feminine art of the goddess Venus on the lid. I am sure I would keep the box after inhaling the macarons... maybe with SBF if she's lucky (I'm not generally that into sweeties but I make an exception for Ladurée macarons) and use it to keep special little keepsakes in on my dressing table, like jewellery, dried roses and hair ribbons.

Limited edition love!

If by any chance someone would like me to have this from them, please email me to arrange :) As Valentine's Day is a day of exchanging gifts with those we care about, I would insist on thanking you with an uncropped version of my bedroom window selfie. A personal gift from me to you :*

I don't think I have anything else to report, so will sign off now. I am hopeful of being able to start dating again next month, if restrictions are lifted by then :) Fingers crossed!

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