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I can't believe it's been over a month since I last blogged! I was half-meaning to blog every week, maybe make it part of a little Sunday evening meditative review of the week, but time is just slipping through my fingers in lockdown. I have nothing to do and yet one day slides into next week before I know it. More flowers from Client Who Sends Me Flowers :) They are especially appreciated on the grey days. Countdown to 17th May! It seems like the vaccinations are going well countrywide so I'm cautiously optimistic that I might actually be on a date somewhere nice on 17th May! You never know!!

I'm also looking forward to more modelling... I have another shoot booked with The Pin-up Academy, who did the photos on the landing page of and my header and profile picture on Twitter (among others), AND I just had a message from Darla Blake saying she wants to shoot together as soon as we can too, so I have not one but at least two shoots to look forward to! Darla wants to do fashion nudes, which is a genre I love but haven't done in a long time. I'm quite obsessed with accessories, to the point where sometimes I do just want to be shot in them and nothing else :D

I got my box of Ladurée Venus Mon Amour macarons for Valentine's Day! They were all gone well before the month was out :D I tried some new flavours mixed in with my usual favourites, the flower flavours, orange blossom and rose. The vegan chocolate one was very good. I'm keeping the box for storing my many lipsticks (mostly shades of red. Half a dozen at the last count). I was very touched that a client wanted to pay for them for me so that even when we're apart, I still get a little gift to remind me of him, and that we will see each other again... hopefully soon!

Excuse lack of red nail polish; giving my nails a break during lockdown.


It only took me about a week's worth of baths to read Of Mice and Men, but I'm still not sure what the moral was. "Don't be friends with charity cases, they will ruin your life"? "Don't be flirty if you're someone's wife, you might get murdered"? I'm being serious, if anyone knows what the upshot is, I'd like to hear it. My email is It's making me feel very stupid.

This month's book in my little book club of one is Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs, which I have literally been meaning to read for about 20 years now! I'm about a fifth of the way in so far and it's kind of like an American Trainspotting, but more a moodpiece than an actual story, and with a funny little appendix of Burrough's opinions on all kinds of drugs, most of which I'd never even heard of. I think maybe at least some of them are fictional, or their effects are, but I'm not sure.

I went to an exhibition of Burrough's art in Shoreditch many years ago, which had recordings of him reading his poetry and a real dream-machine you could have a go on. It kind of worked for me a little but not much. His actual artwork was amazing. Very raw and moving.

(The introduction is just a single page of JG Ballard saying "This book is good, I like it.")

I just rewatched all of Sex and the City yet again (bar series one) and both the movies, and the DVD extras. Sex, shopping and cocktails seem like the most exciting and exotic activities in the world! Do I remember those things? Kind of! Am I enjoying them vicariously through my screen atm? Yes!! They have been replaced with Doxy, online bargains and red wine (champagne goes flat before I can drink the whole bottle so I'm saving my current stash for incalls in May). The head of my Doxy is going to be worn down to a nub by the time I actually get laid again, if I haven't forgotten how to have sex by then.

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