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My mission to find these shoes in my size continues. I'm just obsessed with them!

They're only £30, but the shop only has them left in a size 3 :/ They must have been snapped up. I have emailed them to get a list of their other stockists and contacted every single one and NO-ONE has them, so I'm down to keeping an eye on eBay in case a pair turn up there! Aren't they stunning? If anyone sees a similar pair anywhere, please email me the link! I would really appreciate it. Probably indoor shoes only as they're satin, but still! I need ("need") some statement shoes and accessories for my fashion nude shoot with Darla :) The first ever nude shot she took of me is still on my website homepage :)

A new month in lockdown means a new novel for me. I just about finished Naked Lunch, although I must admit I skipped over the last couple of chapters to the end to see if it was any different from the beginning. No perceptible difference for me. I figured that florid stream of consciousness style would probably just be to set the mood in the first chapter... the first couple of chapters... the first half, maybe... omg, it's like this all the way through?! Fair play Burroughs, you probably could have written half the amount without losing anything except maybe the message that being a heroin addict is repetitive. Repetitive. I hear there is a film version somewhere, which blows my mind. I can't imagine what it would be like. The book has no discernible plot; it's more like a dream diary, except it's more or less the same dream over and over and over again for 200 pages. Maybe the film is just a narrator reading excerpts from the book over some dramatisations. You could make it into a drinking game where you take a sip every time the narrator says ectoplasm, insect or centipede and end up getting completely smashed. Appropriate!

With a grateful sigh of relief, I started reading The Magician by Somerset Maugham, which admittedly doesn't fit into my original New Year's resolution of reading an American twentieth century novel every month of 2021, but a) I've wanted to read it for a while and b) I'm just so happy to be reading something with a plot and characters that's set in turn of the century Paris that I've nearly read the whole thing in three days.

A favourite client sent me a little something to order a smoked salmon delivery he found online, all hand smoked and sliced in Surrey, and very delicious. I've been nibbling blini with oat milk crème fraiche and fresh lemon or lime zest washed down with champagne of an evening while rewatching Absolutely Fabulous; the perfect single girl's night in. I put myself back on the Pilates today so I don't lose my little abs! Hopefully my yoga class will be back up and running soon, too. The warmer weather is really making me want to kind of... stretch and flex my body and be naked more often. Or maybe that's just the lack of male company for the best part of a year. Anyway.

The most thickly sliced smoked salmon ever! So good!

I may start taking nude selfies again on my walks after the Easter weekend, like I did last summer. It gives me something to do and makes hiking more interesting, plus it's fun to do something slightly creative like pick a nice spot, find some good light, try a few different poses and so on. Plus it will give me something to post in my blog other than pictures of shoes and food. I just need to remember to listen out for dog-walkers.

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