You are one message away from feeling erotically fulfilled with a trusted intimate Companion! This is your moment to start investing in your own happiness and wellbeing. You only live once.

If you were to go on a date with me, would you ideally prefer to spend all our time in the bedroom, or would you want the opportunity to wind down over dinner, drinks or a theatre visit as well? Let me know!

If your message is polite and complete then you should normally receive a reply within the hour during normal business hours :D

For example:

Hi Lilly,

I found you on [name of website] and would like to meet. Would you be available for x hours on such and such a date and time for an incall/ outcall to this 5* hotel (include address)/ dinner and drinks/ to go to the opera? I have previously met X and Y, who you can contact for references: X's website address, Y's website address. I have also sent you a little something from your wishlist!

John Smith
07123 456789

If you like, you can copy and paste the above message and customise it to reflect your own details before sending.

My (encrypted) e-mail is, or you can send me an (encrypted) text message via WhatsApp by tapping here. My phone is permanently on silent and I'm too much of a millennial to listen to voice mail, so please don't call, as you will never get through! I promise never to call you either. Just text via WhatsApp or e-mailIf you are trying to keep all possible record of a conversation off your phone, chat to me live when I’m online by tapping the pink speech bubble in the bottom right corner of this screen.

Thanks a million and I hugely look forward to hearing from you!

"I believe that the good communications and forward planning resulted in a perfect experience. Lilly was amazingly accommodating as far as dress code, roleplay and execution were concerned. Pure quality and good upbringing evident throughout the meeting. I got the absolutely lovely attention that I wanted..." - 1stCoach

"Lilly has it all- she's beautiful, sophisticated, sweet, sexy and a killer body." - Rff1

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