Frequently Asked Questions that you might not even realise you wanted to ask until you read them. If your question isn't answered here, please tap the pink speech bubble in the bottom right corner of this screen and ask there, e-mail it to MissLillyWatson@Protonmail.com, or ask me via AdultWork.

I'm older than you/ of a different race/ disabled/ disfigured/ LGBTQIA+/ superficially different to you in some way. Can we still see each other?

Absolutely, YES. I embrace diversity (literally and figuratively). If you are clean, presentable and well-mannered, whatever makes us seem different on the surface will soon melt away when we meet.

Can you give me your number so I can make a booking over the phone?

It is better both for you and for me to keep communications via e-mail, rather than to go straight to calling or texting on our mobiles.

  1. This way, we both have a written record of our conversation to refer to, so neither of us will forget any important details.
  2. I don't have to fend off hundreds of nuisance calls from people attempting to get free "phone chat", which wastes time I could be spending on YOU, my Client. That’s why you’ll never see me list my phone number online. Once the booking has been made, I will provide you with my number the day before our date.
If that didn't convince you, try calling me via AdultWork DirectChat next time you see me online, and we can chat away to your heart's content ;)

I check my inbox very regularly, so you are very unlikely to have to wait long for a response to your enquiry; usually less than an hour during normal business hours. e-mail MissLillyWatson@Protonmail.com

If you are trying to keep all possible record of a conversation off your phone, chat to me live by tapping the pink speech bubble in the bottom right corner of this screen.

What do you do to protect my/ our privacy?

I understand how important discretion is to mutual trust and a relaxed life, and employ the following strategies to protect our privacy.

I send personal communications using encrypted, fingerprint-protected e-mail (ProtonMail). I use encrypted, fingerprint-protected text messaging (WhatsApp) with disappearing messages. I recommend you do the same.

If you are trying to keep all possible record of a conversation off your phone, chat to me live by tapping the pink speech bubble in the bottom right corner of this screen.

I will never call you. I will never forward your e-mails or text messages. I will always dress appropriately when we are out together in public. I will ensure that my makeup never appears on your clothing. I carefully select incall venues with bars or cafes conveniently adjacent where you can discreetly wait and unwind if you happen to arrive early (no awkward lobby-lingering necessary) and provide gender-neutral soap and shower gel alongside a strong mouthwash and clean white towels, which you should make thorough use of upon arrival and departure.

I never do webcam shows or show my face in my photos and videos, which means I do not get recognised when I am out in public.

Photographer: Darla Blake

Do you smoke?

I don't smoke. Sorry, smoking fetishists! I don't mind if you do, though.

Why don't you charge less and see more Clients?

I value exclusivity, discernment and a luxury lifestyle, and my Clients value the fact that so few men get to meet me. I am only interested in the crème de la crème, just like you.

I'm worried about carrying that much cash around with me…

I take a 50% deposit via bank transfer to secure every booking, so you need carry only 50% of my consideration with you on the day- or if you prefer, you can transfer the total amount in advance. I do recommend bringing along a little spare cash on the day though, so you can spontaneously extend our date, should you feel like it! Sometimes bank transfers move too slowly (up to two hours!) to allow for spontaneity.

Can we hang out for free after our booking ends?

I won’t steal money from you and hope that you won’t try to steal time from me. These are worthy resources that we are exchanging with each other. Let’s appreciate what we choose to share in the spirit of trust and make these gifts we exchange feel honoured and prized. If you would like to hang out for longer after our booking ends, simply ask to extend it (this is when bringing that spare cash along aids in spontaneity) and if I can, I will.

Do you have an online dating profile?

You are reading it right now. This is how I like to date: with discernment and exclusivity, enjoying a luxury lifestyle with valued Clients. You will not find me on any “civilian” dating apps.

What do you like to do in London?

If you are looking for a secure hotel with discreet staff, I can send you a list of suggestions- or recommend professional dungeons, if you prefer. I like to take tea at Claridge’s or go for a cocktail in the Claridge's Fumoir or The Dorchester's China Tang bar... they are both glamorous, dimly lit, and without windows, so you really feel tucked safely away from the world in there. They both feel like glamourous 1930s dens designed for smoking cigarettes in long cigarette holders while wearing opera gloves. I am interested in history and Twentieth Century décor so I really enjoying hanging out in old London hotels like Claridge’s. New hotels are fine but they don’t have the atmosphere.

Scarfe's Bar at The Rosewood is also great place to go for cocktails and a light, informal dinner. I love the tiger prawns. Their cocktails are all named for celebrities are accompanied in the menu by Gerald Scarfe’s portraits. He did the artwork for The Wall by Pink Floyd.

I also like brunch at Ladureé at Harrods if I can't make it to Paris for the real thing- it’s a delightfully over the top venue split in half into naughty and nice themes, just like my website galleries. So I guess I can choose which half to enjoy my coffee and eggs in depending on whether I’m feeling like a “good girl” or “bad girl” that day. I would say that morning, but I routinely don’t get to breakfast or brunch before midday.

I love dining at Scott's, The Ritz or Park Chinois. If you don’t have time to eat, it is worth going to Park Chinois just for the cocktails! They are sumptuous and the lighting and atmosphere there are so sensual. It’s probably the sexiest restaurant in London. The mixologists at The Savoy do the perfect dirty martini and have amazing pieces of history on display, such as Marlene Dietrich’s checking-in form written in her own handwriting and signed. She had asked that her room have a bottle of champagne and two dozen pink roses waiting for her inside. I wonder who she was meeting! For a secure hotel with discreet staff, you can’t do much better than The Savoy or The Ritz. They have so much practice.

Sexy Fish is a noisier and more happening place for great seafood with a nightclub ambience. The lobster is very good, the music is very loud and the toilets are full of influencers photographing each other. Their private dining room has enormous floor-to-ceiling fish tanks. Bob Bob Ricard is another fun place to go that has more of a party atmosphere, with a little button at every table labelled "Press for Champagne".

During the day, I like to shop Coco De Mer for sensual lingerie and the naughtiest boudoir accessories. Fetishists, I recommend you drop in on Atsuko Kudo for fabulous lace-printed latex lingerie (she does all Lady Gaga's latex) and Vivienne Westwood's shop for rubbery high heels. Made-to-measure Atsuko Kudo latex is some of the finest latex in the world. There are branches of Christian Louboutin conveniently located in both Harrods (where I often go for brunch) and Selfridges (who do lovely walk-in express back massages and have an agreeable rooftop cocktail bar), but actually I prefer jumping on the Eurostar to get that Parisian discount!

You could also see if Torture Garden is running any club events while you are in town. A fetish event like Torture Garden inspires me to visit a private dungeon with select company the following day. The Peacock Parlour in North London comes highly recommended. For a more sedately sexy time, I very much enjoy the ballet or opera. Ballet in particular has a very interesting history in relation to what I do.

I have lived in London for years, so if you are visiting and would like more tips, let’s meet for coffee at Ladureé, or a cocktail or mocktail in one of those hidden bars. MissLillyWatson@Protonmail.com.

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