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Nice to meet you!

You are one email away from feeling the relaxation, intimacy and excitement of dating an exceptional part-time girlfriend!

If you were to go on a date with me, would you ideally prefer to spend all our time in the boudoir, or would you want the opportunity to wind down and let me get to know you over dinner, drinks or a theatre visit as well? Let me know!

I understand that successful people have busy lives, so I make it quick and easy to arrange meeting me.

How it works

1. Introduce yourself via email
2. Screen
3. Agree timings and get a quote
4. Deposit
5. Sexy time

My social diary is delightfully busy, so advance booking is strongly advised- and enjoyed! The anticipation is half the fun.

My email address is:
If you also use a Protonmail account, our emails will be end-to-end encrypted.

Creating, sharing and enhancing earthly pleasure is my raison d'être, so I will only accept your date request if I can tell from your introduction that we are going to enjoy each other.

How to get a quick, positive reply

If your message is polite and complete then you should receive a prompt, enthusiastic reply during normal working hours- for example:

Subject: Arranging a date in London
Hi Lilly,

I found you on [name of website] and would like to meet.

Would you be available for x hours/ days on [potential dates and times]?

I would like to [delete as applicable]:

... enjoy some social time, e.g. in a restaurant, theatre or art gallery 
... host us at my 5* hotel
... meet you at your hotel

Please let me know about your screening and deposit procedures.

John Smith
[mobile number]

Please feel free to copy and paste the above example of a perfect introduction and customise it to reflect your own details before sending. I look forward to reading it soon!

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“I think anyone would agree that Lilly’s face is her most defining and charismatic feature. Not to mention her sexiest. If you are thinking of taking the plunge and setting a date with her, I urge you to make the right choice. You will not regret it.” - Mr X

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