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On holiday in Portugal, May 2023.

Considerations for incall, outcall and social dates

A secret, decadent date with an elegant and affectionate London Companion is a counterbalance to your workaday commitments that you more than deserve.

Congratulations on overcoming any nerves* and truly indulging in the most splendid pleasure in life!

I enjoy meeting consenting adults from all around the world, of all genders, ages, ethnicities, sexualities and ability levels. I embrace diversity (literally and figuratively). If you are clean, presentable and well-mannered, whatever may make us seem different on the surface will soon melt away when we meet.

How much does it cost?

True luxuries are always POA, aren't they? My consideration will be customised according to your needs regarding timings, locations and activities in order to ensure the fairest price, and given to you privately.

Please introduce yourself for a quote.

How does it work? 

For your convenience and peace of mind I take a deposit to secure every booking. The deposit helps you to spread the cost and means you don’t have to pay an additional cancellation fee if you cancel or postpone, because it becomes your cancellation fee automatically.

How long should I book for?

Well, how long would you like to spend enjoying yourself? One should always play at least as hard as one works, if not harder. 

Dinner date with my good friend Madam Caramel.

MOST POPULAR: The Perfect First Date: a lunch or dinner date package of up to four hours, at least two of which spent getting to know each other in a nice restaurant.

Extended Play XXXL: a steamy affair spent entirely in a 5* hotel or professional dungeon for anything up to four hours.

The Perfect Third Date: a lunch or dinner date package of up to six hours, ideal for playing and then enjoying an unrushed tasting menu together, or grabbing a post-coital snack before heading off to the spa, cinema or an exhibition, or for sightseeing or a shopping trip- in other words, an authentic date.

VIP Overnight Date: a relaxing dinner, bed and breakfast package of up to 16 hours.

The Complete Night and Day Experience: a fun lunch, dinner, bed and breakfast package of up to 24 hours, where as well as enjoying each other’s bodies we can really take advantage of what the city has to offer together beyond the boudoir.

Your Dream City Break: a two-night city break package of up to 48 hours, with time for the theatre, shopping, a spa, sightseeing, an exhibition, the cinema, wine tasting, stand-up comedy, live jazz… whatever makes it feel like a dream weekend for you.

Two Tickets to Paradise: a week’s holiday somewhere sumptuous! What destinations are on your bucket list? Would it feel better to enjoy your trip of a lifetime with a gorgeous girlfriend by your side?

I would love to welcome you to London or join you in other beautiful areas of Britain. I have also travelled extensively around three continents and personally am always thirsty for more…

An Arrangement: an exclusive monthly arrangement where I don’t see any Clients except you.

Do you practise safer sex?

Very much so; I have my routine monthly screening at Dean Street Express in London (recommended), and any client who explicitly or implicitly requests PIV or oral sex without a condom has their date immediately terminated (and no refund offered). You can trust me that you are in the safest of hands.

If you would like to meet me, I invite you to introduce yourself. I will be very excited to hear from you.

* If you have not yet overcome your nerves, perhaps I can help. Feel like you need to chat with me first? Click here. Worried about scams? Here's some info. Not feeling sexually confident? Read this. Not feeling confident in any way, shape or form? Check this out.

"Another truly spectacular booking - A very exciting, glamorous, & stylish Lady and absolutely recommended." - You_Only_Live_Twice

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