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I have a question: Where did I put my clothes?!

Your dating questions answered

Life is short. A secret, decadent date with an elegant and affectionate companion is a counterbalance to your everyday commitments that you more than deserve. Or if you don’t deserve it, perhaps that means you’re a naughty boy and I need to punish you 😜

The following dating questions are answered below:

  1. Where are you based?
  2. How long should I book for?
  3. How much does it cost?
  4. How does it work?
  5. Can you arrange a threesome for us?
  6. Help! I’ve never done anything like this before.

1.  Where are you based?

I am available in London, the West Midlands, southwest England and pretty much everywhere in between, including Cardiff and the airports, or further afield with travel covered, from Scotland, Wales and Ireland to Europe, the States, Asia and beyond.

2.  How long should I book for?

Well, how long would you like to spend enjoying yourself? One should always play at least as hard as one works, if not harder.

My most popular “first date” is a lunch or dinner date package of up to four hours, at least two of which spent getting to know each other in a nice restaurant, which I think is the perfect introduction. Dating, mating and masticating are probably my three favourite things!

Beyond that, the sky’s the limit. This is couture, not off the peg, so let your imagination run wild! A dirty weekend in Paris? A thrilling threesome with one of my fun-loving friends (male or female)? Clay pigeon shooting in the Cotswolds and dinner in a rustic pub?

If you would like to meet me, I invite you to introduce yourself. I will be very excited to hear from you.

Dinner date at Le Gavroche with my good friend Madame Caramel.

3.  How much does it cost?

True luxuries are always POA, aren't they? My consideration will be customised according to your needs regarding timings, locations and activities in order to ensure the fairest mutual agreement, and given to you in private.

4.  How does it work? 

2. Screen
3. Agree timings and get a quote
4. Deposit
5. Sexy time

For your convenience and peace of mind a deposit is required to secure every booking. Your deposit guarantees your booking and helps you to spread the cost. Your deposit automatically becomes your cancellation fee if needed, so you won’t be asked to send anything extra if you need to cancel.

5.  Can you arrange a threesome for us?

I can certainly help: my address book for threesomes is in the pop-out column on the left of this page. Or you can suggest your own favourite companion or Domme. CC me and your choice of a third into the same email to efficiently arrange.

6.  Help! I’ve never done anything like this before.

Everyone had a first time! Congratulations on overcoming any nerves* and indulging in truly the most splendid pleasure in life.

Click here for my London restaurants inspiration/ cheat sheet!

I enjoy meeting consenting adults from all around the world, of all genders, ages, ethnicities, sexualities and ability levels, including yours. I embrace diversity (literally and figuratively).

If you are generous, thoughtful and looking for fun, whatever may make us seem different on the surface will soon melt away when we meet. Promise.

Get to know me before we meet and stay in touch between dates by sending a gift, subscribing to my OnlyFans and enjoying some Virtual GFE.

* If you have not yet overcome your nerves, perhaps I can help. Feel like you need to chat with me first? Click here. Worried about scams? Here's some info. Not feeling sexually confident? Read this. Not feeling confident in any way, shape or form? Check this out.

"Another truly spectacular booking - A very exciting, glamorous, & stylish Lady and absolutely recommended." - You_Only_Live_Twice

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