Considerations for incall, outcall and social dates

A secret, decadent date with an elegant and affectionate London Companion is a counterbalance to your workaday commitments that you more than deserve. One should always play at least as hard as one works, if not harder. Congratulations on overcoming any nerves* and truly indulging in the most splendid pleasure in life!

Creating, sharing and enhancing earthly pleasure is my raison d'être, so I will only accept your date request if I can tell that we are definitely going to enjoy each other. Tap here to book via WhatsApp text.

What is the difference between the Girlfriend Experience (GFE) and just... having a girlfriend?

Think of GFE as being all the best parts of having a guilt-free, mutually beneficial affair with an exciting, glamorous, sweet, friendly, occasionally kinky, well-educated and well-travelled girlfriend who will bring you out of your shell- with none of the potential drawbacks.

I will never nag, chase, get jealous, get lip fillers, pressure you for commitment, present unexpected financial or legal costs, have unprotected sex or outstay my welcome- or shy away from a threesome if you have your eye on one of my friends!

I am always discreet and drama-free, beautifully presented, fit and healthy, adventurous, caring and excited to get to know you... intimately. I yearn to give pure passion, freedom, feminine elegance and good company, with no strings attached, whenever you need it. Perhaps that makes me the best girlfriend in the world.

How much does it cost?

True luxuries are always POA, aren't they? My consideration will be customised according to your needs and messaged to you privately. I accept bank transfer, cash and mutually agreed gifts of equivalent value.

Please contact me for a quote, and know that in this relationship, the emotional and sexual return you receive is always greater than the financial investment you make. The more you invest, the greater the excitement, fulfilment, memories and intimacy you will create, experience, and keep forever.

How long would you like to spend in bliss?

MOST POPULAR: The Perfect First Date
I offer an attractive package of up to four hours for me to get to know you over lunch or a light dinner and some introductory private play, where we can explore each other's bodies and minds to our heart's content and share a moment lingering in the afterglow. This is my most popular booking type and available to regular Clients as well as new.

Extended Play XXXL
Up to three or four hours tends to be the perfect length of time for sharing a bottle of champagne or a mocktail or two in the bar followed by a thoroughly sensual, decadent and utterly unrushed debauchery marathon spent entirely in a 5* hotel room or professional dungeon. Unbridled private play dates such as these are the perfect opportunity for the wildest threesome of your life, too- or even an orgy! Imagine being with three blondes at once, perhaps; or one blonde, one brunette and one redhead, with all eyes and attention on you. Or has the idea of a threesome with a beautifully well-endowed man always intrigued you? What scenarios do you envision? You can rifle through my address book for threesomes in the column on the left, or by tapping the three horizontal lines in the top left corner if you are viewing this on your phone.

The Perfect Third Date
I offer a delightful day date package of up to six hours for indulging in decadent private play and at least four hours spent enjoying life beyond the boudoir, for example a Michelin star tasting menu with aperitifs and digestifs, or a Mimosa-laced lunch and some lingerie shopping, or a sensual spa experience and an art or history exhibition, or a light dinner and a romantic box at the opera... How would you spend a day if you were having the perfect girlfriend experience? I have ideas for restaurants, hotels, theatre trips and spas in London and beyond!

VIP Overnight Date
Play, dinner, bed and breakfast overnight dates of up to 15 hours create ample opportunity for private play (perhaps with a playmate dropping in for a couple of hours to keep us company?) with the added intimacy of a late-night dinner and enjoying a farewell breakfast together in the morning. Valued Clients booking a special night together will enjoy a beneficial per-hour price break of up to 60% compared to booking me by the hour. In return, I appreciate seven hours of uninterrupted solo sleep in my own room.

The Complete Night and Day Experience
A lunch, play, dinner, bed and breakfast date of up to 21 hours gives us the opportunity for a day and night of fun, fantasy and... well, I think you know what else! We could relax and take in a show or an exhibition, go shopping, have a threesome, have an orgy, recuperate in a spa, or adjourn from the hotel to a professional dungeon for hours of forbidden pleasures. Are you a foodie? A car enthusiast? Do you have an interest in local history, arthouse cinema, impressionism, stand-up comedy, live jazz or world wines? I can create a bespoke itinerary just for you. Valued Clients booking a special day together will enjoy a beneficial per-hour price break of up to 60% compared to booking me by the hour. In return, I appreciate eight hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep alone in my room overnight. The more adventurous may consider arranging a threesome with one of my cherished friends- perhaps a beautiful woman, or a staggeringly naturally blessed man. Or both!

Your Dream City Break
A two-night trip of up to 45 hours, with our choice of hotels, restaurants, bars, threesome and orgy  partners, shows, exhibitions, tourist attractions, spas, clubs and dungeons, makes the city our oyster during an unforgettable adventure. Speaking of which, let’s get oysters! Spoilt for choice? Allow me to create a personalised itinerary for you! I can even arrange a professional dungeon for darkly decadent private play in London. First Class travel expenses are kindly requested for dates outside the south of England or West Midlands so that I am immediately at my most limber and energised for every precious moment spent together when we arrive... in any position! We will both benefit from three hours in our respective hotel rooms somewhere in the middle to rest, recharge and reignite our fire. I enjoy caring for you, pampering you, and helping your trip run smoothly. An extremely special two-night city break includes a beneficial per-day price break.

The Ultimate VIP 6* Girlfriend Experience
An exclusive monthly arrangement, for a true Girlfriend Experience during which I will announce my non-availability on my website and automated e-mail replies and I will not meet any Clients except you for a whole month. 

I take a 50% deposit via bank transfer to secure every booking, so you need carry only 50% of my consideration or some mutually agreed gifts of equivalent value with you on the day- or if you prefer, you can transfer the remaining amount two hours before we are due to meet. I do recommend bringing along a little spare cash, so you can retain the option to spontaneously extend our date if I have the availability. Sometimes bank transfers move too slowly (up to two hours!) to allow for spontaneity. All gifts and deposits serve as cancellation fees when needed and are of course non-refundable and non-transferable, for protection and peace of mind.

I enjoy meeting new friends from all around the world, of all genders, ages, sexualities and ability levels. I embrace diversity (literally and figuratively). If you are clean, presentable and well-mannered, whatever may make us seem different on the surface will soon melt away when we meet.

My social diary is delightfully busy, so advance booking is strongly advised- and enjoyed! I love anticipation, so the further in advance we arrange, the more excited I will be by the time we finally touch. 

If you would like to meet me, I invite you to contact me. I will be very excited to hear from you.

* If you have not yet overcome your nerves, perhaps I can help. Feel like you need to chat with me first? Click here. Worried about scams? Here's some info. Just not feeling sexually confident? Read this.

"Another truly spectacular booking - A very exciting, glamorous, & stylish Lady and absolutely recommended." - You_Only_Live_Twice

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