I have been verified by Tryst, which means they have independently compared my passport to a selfie and confirmed that I’m me.

I understand that stepping into the dating world is nerve-wracking, whether this is your first or one hundred and first time asking a companion out to dinner. Trust is the cornerstone of my life, as you can probably imagine.

Pleasingly, I have sixty-nine time-stamped pieces of positive feedback from clients on AdultWork (the UK’s largest adult networking site with a feedback system just like eBay)- and zero negative, naturally.

Please feel free to peruse these testimonials from clients who completed screening and booked with deposits and gifts, the first of which are from gentlemen I have dated in person and the latter of which are from gentlemen with whom I enjoyed compensated conversation over the phone.

Dating testimonials

Phone chat testimonials

If you are interested in dating me, please introduce yourself. Please, please, please read all the information provided for you on my website, consider doing further research by following me on X or OnlyFans, and most of all, TRUST me.

For further information on staying safe online, read A Client’s Guide to Avoiding Fake “Escort” Scams.

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