Social Dates

Beyond the boudoir

Social dates create a sense of deep-level relaxation, of truly getting to know someone, and the potential to find hidden magic at every turn in the ordinary world, if we just know where to look. It might not be at platform nine and three-quarters, but it's here. Let's hold hands and leap into it together.

I am a proudly hedonistic London tour guide for guests to my beloved city who are looking for a somewhat personal experience. I catch up over brunch, museum visits and anecdotes with new and established Londoners. My soul is moved by sharing cultural experiences like ballet, opera, music recitals, important exhibitions, arthouse cinema and haute cuisine, with Clients of all genders and sexual orientations, including yours. 

I love the feeling of learning about a special new Client through shared adventures out in the world. Allow me to be your accomplice and guide as a platonic gal-pal, romantic playmate, or perhaps somewhere in between.

I thrill to plan a personalised itinerary over a few days, or even a single day if you are on a tight schedule. There are unique places to eat and drink and interesting things to do (with optional private play in the very best hotels and dungeons with the cream of London's male and female Companions, Dommes, Submissives and Bulls)- the city can open up to you like a cornucopia of treats very easily when you partner in crime with a knowledgeable and highly organised local hedonist. Sit back and enjoy. I promise to look after you.

Let's see what awaits us in my dear London right now. Restaurants have their own page. Introduce yourself to arrange.

Social date inspiration and wish list

What would your dream date involve- the boudoir, dungeon, theatre, dining experience, a threesome, or a purely social outing to lunch, an art gallery and a walk in the park? Introduce yourself and let me know! We could make it happen.

"Beautiful, sophisticated lady, a very nice companion for social situations (fine dining, galleries, theatre)..." - alexi202020

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