Virtual GFE

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VGFE: The Virtual Girlfriend Experience

I am available to date online as well as in person.

It's virtually as good as the real thing!


  • you would like to chat before arranging a date
  • you enjoy staying in touch between dates
  • personal circumstances make interacting from home more convenient for you than venturing to a hotel or restaurant

... the Virtual Girlfriend Experience is for you.


You can get to know my tastes, express yourself and make me smile by browsing my wish list on WishTender, and should you wish, by sending a one-off gift or gift subscription with a message attached. I always reply with a personal thank you note, and a private photo or video.

Phone Chat

If you would like to hear my voice, we can arrange for you to call me directly at your chosen time at a rate of £100 for anything up to half an hour. People who usually find phone calls anxious may enjoy a call more when it has a predefined end time. Once booked, please set a reminder on your phone to make the call, as late or missed calls cannot be reimbursed. 

Please introduce yourself to arrange.


OnlyFans is your first port of call in getting to know me better, staying in touch between dates and making a sweet little gesture of support from the comfort of home for a mere $30 (about £24.50) per month.

I express my creativity and sexuality in weekly photo and video shoots, which, aside from a healthy dose of full frontal nudity, feature some of my other favourite things: vintage lingerie, fully fashioned stockings, high heels, gloves and more adorning my svelte figure.

Please remember not to message me about meeting in person via OnlyFans as it is against site rules and I won't be able to reply.

Enjoy the many, many photos and occasional video. Optional instant messaging chat is just $90 on OnlyFans for up to half an hour, which is less than what non-members pay outside of the site (see below). Custom photo sets and videos start at just $150 via my OnlyFans page!


If you don't like OnlyFans, we can schedule a text message chat via WhatsApp or X Direct Message for £100 for up to half an hour, paid in advance via bank transfer in order to secure the booking. Once booked, please set a reminder on your phone to text at the agreed time, as late or missed texting bookings cannot be reimbursed.

Please introduce yourself to book.

Custom Photos and Videos

I can send you selfie photos or videos in your choice of style- or let me surprise you! For example, you could request nudes, vintage lingerie and stockings, bare feet, leather gloves, or something shot in the bath or shower.

A typical package of 25 or so bespoke selfies or one 5–10-minute custom video would start at £150 (or $150 via your OnlyFans subscription), depending on how challenging or expensive your preferences are. (For very challenging shots I may need to get a friend to stand in as photographer.)

Please introduce yourself to arrange.

Remuneration for Virtual Girlfriend Experiences is via bank transfer or mutually agreed gifts of equivalent value only and of course is not refundable or transferable under any circumstances, for protection and peace of mind.

I would also love it if you would accept these completely free (yes, FREE) subscriptions to:

"Amazing chat with Miss Watson. Such a sexy voice." - kevkat

"Thank you Lilly for a really positive and reassuring chat." - 1stCoach

"Incredibly sexy voice. I think I could be persuaded to do anything by Lilly." - 69DonJuan6969

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