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Images not displaying properly in your email? Click here . Watch the full video completely for free below! A video made pre-Covid! (My hair looks so short!) If you can't see it in your email, please click here to view online (and put your phone on mute if you don't want to hear the music!). I've been blown away by the support from my Clients over the last thirteen months. The pandemic has been frightening for all of us in some way or another, and I am so incredibly grateful that I at least didn't have to worry about paying my mortgage on time, buying food (and the odd bottle of wine) and keeping the lights on. I'm very practical-minded and not having to worry about these things made a huge, huge difference to my mental and therefore physical health. I didn't have to do any online work that I didn't want to do. I didn't have to meet anyone illegally during lockdown. I didn't have to beg my bank not make me homeless. In fact, it's been wonderful t

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