8 steps for socially awkward Clients

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If your sensuality feels blocked behind social awkwardness or shyness, this might be the blog for you. I used to suffer intensely from social awkwardness, to the point where I barely spoke at all between the ages of 16 and 18- perhaps that's part of the reason I became so interested in glamour and visual eloquence- expressing my inner world through style and spirit rather than through having to approach people and speak. Thankfully, that quiet, awkward time is in the past for me, and with that empathy in mind, I have written this blog that I hope might help a shy gentleman out there approach a lady he is interested in.

1.     1.  Check my Enjoys list on AdultWork so you don’t have to cringe through asking me if I want to do that secret thing you’re into only to have me say “not really”. This is a social awkwardness nightmare scenario you do not need to risk. You do not need an AdultWork account to do this. I’m actually quite shy myself about listing all the specific sex acts I enjoy in one place, but I have to on AdultWork to allow clients to search for me, so that’s the place to look if you making a booking depends on my wanting to do that one special thing you’re into. If it’s not listed there… then you have your answer.

2.      2.  Get to know my personality and desires in advance via this blog, Twitter and my Wishlist. You can subscribe to the blog for free and follow me on Twitter to get updates. And yes, browse my Wishlist, even if you have no intention of buying anything: what’s on there tells you a lot about me and might give you something to chat about. Perhaps you like that restaurant/ spa treatment/ movie star too!

3.      3.  If seeing someone you fancy naked for the first time makes you feel overwhelmed, you can have that moment alone and in advance using the wonders of the internet. I have a couple of nudes on my website, misslillywatson.com, and lots and lots of them on my OnlyFans account, which is free to subscribe to (although the nudes themselves are mostly paywalled). If you already know what I look like naked when we meet, you are more likely to look like Mr Cool (or at least, Mr Dignified) when you see the view in person.

So. It turns out I’m just as into roleplay, face-sitting, water sports, caning or kissing as you are. My web presence makes me seem like someone you’d want to know. You’ve seen me naked and you’re into it. You are going to have to talk to me. If you are ready to email and ask me out, great! If you're not quite there yet, then continue reading...


4.      4. You can start by IM-ing. It’s like texting: silent, less pressure, you get time to re-read my replies and retype your own a couple of times before sending. Better than texting, you know that if I’ve logged in for IM-ing then I am definitely in the mood to chat to someone. And if you feel overwhelmed, you can just log out and take a breath. I’ll assume your internet connection went down. You can IM me via my AdultWork profile when I’m logged in (it’s free to open an account if you don’t already have one).

5.      5.  Do a meet and greet over the phone via AdultWork. It’s a steppingstone between IM-ing and meeting in person. It is less of a commitment than meeting in a bar or café and therefore socially easier. No-one can tell over the phone if you’ve written yourself a list of notes to remind you what to say. Furthermore, if you feel yourself starting to panic and can’t get it under control, you can hang up anytime and I will assume your credits ran out (it happens). You can call and call again as often as you like, whenever I’m logged in.

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So. We’ve talked to each other. We had a good chat. We seem to get on. You’re going to have to ask me out. Again, if you are ready to email and ask me out, great! If you're still not quite there yet, then continue reading...


6.      6.  Use my Date Inspiration page to frame up an attractive date proposal e-mail that you can feel confident I’ll say yes to. You know for sure that I love that bar or restaurant and will definitely want to go there. You know for sure that I definitely like that Companion and will want to have a threesome with her. Assuming you can provide references from other companions and a deposit, your chances of rejection at this point are practically zero.

7.      7.  If you want to bring a gift but are the sort of person who awkwardly throws presents at people or can’t seem to perfect the timing for when to hand it over, you can send a Wishlist gift via the post or email instead of bringing it in person. You can add a little note, or not; either way, it’s not weird.

8.      8.  You can do advance prep before meeting to boost your sense of confidence and calm. A yoga or gym session, a full body massage, a good night’s sleep, a haircut and professional shave, a mani-pedi, a trip to the hygienist to have your teeth cleaned, new underwear, a little manscaping, get your favourite suit dry cleaned, and so forth. Each of these seemingly insignificant details can subconsciously positively affect a lady’s regard for you, give you ways to expel nervous energy, and increase your confidence.


Photo by Darla Blake

When we meet, I do everything I can to help you feel supported and relaxed. My incall has a lovely bar attached where we can start the conversation by discovering each other’s favourite cocktails or mocktails. If public spaces like bars tend to overwhelm you, we can retire straight to the room and open a bottle of wine together. A glass of something nice certainly helps me to unwind! Making full and thorough use of the shower relaxes muscle tension and will dispel any lingering worries about body odour or bad breath for both of us.

You can book me for just two hours, if the thought of longer bookings gives you that over-anxious, overwhelmed feeling. After a few two-hour bookings, you might feel ready to book for longer, but if you never do, it’s okay.

I very occasionally can do one-hour meetings for the very shy or anxious, which you can leave at any time without having to give a reason (as long as you don’t try to retrieve that envelope). I keep the lights dimmed, the curtains closed and the wine chilled. Let’s do that secret thing you like.

I am an elegant, affectionate, sensual hedonist and elite, discreet dating companion... a blonde, ultrafeminine and authentically kinky English rose. I like to laugh, smile, flirt and play, whether for a moment’s welcome escape, a wild afternoon or an opulent evening for two… anywhere 5* between London and Devon. If you would like to comment on this post or arrange a date, please email misslillywatson@protonmail.com.

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