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Happy Halloween, blog readers and subscribers!

I'm guessing most of you reading this don't really celebrate Halloween... but I'm not one of you! I love Halloween. It's like low-responsibility Christmas. It comes at just the right time of year, when I start to really notice how cold and dark it's getting, and really appreciate some silly candle holders and a heightened sugar intake. (Hello, pumpkin spice latte for breakfast.)

It also gives me a chance to wear my emerald green lingerie and rhinestone snake heels in the bedroom... I even wore a pair of black PVC devil horns to go with a latex ensemble this month!

Looking forward to November 2018, I have a spectacular show to attend (one particularly tailored to my tastes!) and some stays in some of London most famous historic hotels (my favourite kind). I also have some ideas for other fun dates that involve social as well as boudoir time:

Cocktails aboard a pirate ship

There's an immersive cocktail bar called The Hidden Spirit opening on board a real C16th ship in London on 22nd November- tickets are only £35 and include three cocktails each!! So it's a pretty cheap place to get cocktails, full stop. Costume provided. I simply must have a tricorn hat :)

New sushi restaurant in Covent Garden

Sushisamba is opening in Covent Garden on 1st November, with an interesting looking menu and a good view over the Market. It has intimate little velvet booths to share dinner over, a cool cocktail bar with a "living ceiling" of plants, and a secure 5* hotel just minutes away...

Fireworks... of all kinds

I have to see fireworks at this time of year! Snuggling up anonymously in the dark, being entertained by a beautiful display, then slipping away to warm each other up..! There is a huge list of firework displays happening in London 2nd - 5th November here, all with very modest entry fees. Mail me if something catches your eye!

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