Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Escape from Lockdown... Let Me Entertain You

I've always returned to my favourite golden oldies in times of stress- and no I'm not talking about clients- I'm talking about movies!

As a little girl, I loved to be whisked away to the glamorous golden age of Hollywood at the click of a button, and I still do. The only differences now are that my screen is bigger and I no longer have to wrestle with VHS, which makes for an even more immersive fantasy experience!

If you're interested in visiting some golden age movies yourself but aren't sure where to start, here is a random list of some of my personal favourites that I can watch time and again. They are positively guaranteed to cheer you up and help you forget about the world outside. If you are reading this blog via email, you may have to click here to see the video clips (Blogger won't let me embed video clips into emails for some reason).

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

There are lots of fun musical numbers in this one, but the most well-known is 'Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend'. It took me years to notice the women handcuffed to the chandeliers, and that all the dancing girls wear black fishnet hoods!

Here's that sparkling sequence in full:

Ziegfeld Follies

I really should have made this the last on my list because it is the ultimate in fantastical escapism. The ghost of Flo Ziegfeld up in Heaven reflects on his earthly career "glorifying beautiful girls", with what feels like a series of dreams. I can't get enough of those ostrich feathers... and Lucille Ball with a bullwhip!

Singin' in the Rain

Still surprisingly funny, and with more sexy Cyd Charisse leg than I can handle!

Shanghai Express

No Technicolor musical numbers in this one, but worth a watch if only for Marlene's casual wearing of some of the most stunningly sexy costumes in movie history (imo!). Watching this film always makes me want to colour my hair a silvery platinum blonde...


I originally watched this because I am if course fascinated by Gypsy Rose Lee, who I believe is the world's first woman to make a million dollars purely through sex work (in her case, stripping)- especially impressive in the '40s. The film actually focuses more on her scary pushy stage mom, who initially overlooked plain little Gypsy's potential in favour of her sister. Now I tend to skip to the end, where Gypsy first sees herself in the mirror in full hair and makeup and elbow-length gloves and awestruck, whispers in shock, "Mama... I'm pretty. I'm a pretty girl, Mama!" Every woman should have a moment like that in her life!

There follows a glorious montage of strip scenes, each more opulent than the last. This is my kind of makeover movie!

Here is some footage of the real Gypsy Rose Lee, performing an extremely cleaned up version of her act in the movie Stage Door Canteen. Her absolute charisma helps explain her wild success, and her appeal to women as well as men...

Calamity Jane

Imo, the only way Calamity Jane could have been improved would have been with having more scenes with the Adelaid Adams character... Glamorous and hilarious is a winning combination!

Calamity Jane is one of my ultimate feel-good movies. I love the songs, the LGBT-friendly humour and the funny feeling I had about Katie and Calam when I was watching as a child. Watching as an adult, I think I was right; this movie is really about their love story, as much as it could be in 1953. And it has a happy ending!

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