Tiers for Fears

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Me in my glad rags.

I've been avoiding reading the news recently because no news is somehow good news, but a lovely client politely let me know today that London is now in "Tier 2" lockdown, which means it isn't considered safe to go on dates there atm.

So, I have spent the morning on my laptop with a pumpkin spice latte (I'm dirty) researching the best place I can host that is still on Tier 1, considered only "medium" risk and therefore safe enough for members of different households to mingle- and I think I have found a place that suits my personal tastes down to a T.

For the time being, I can host my private dates at a beautiful and historic Victorian 5* hotel in Ware, Hertfordshire, only 45 minutes on the train from London, and you can use your Oyster card to get there!

The lobby alone looks worth the trip! I look forward to welcoming you with a chilled glass of champagne and a happy smile.

I can also still meet you at your preferred bar, restaurant and/ or 5* hotel that you're staying at anywhere between Hertfordshire and Cornwall, including Cardiff :)

It would be hard for me to just not date at all- I did it during the full lockdown, of course, and don't think I have ever felt more lonely and frustrated- but I want to date in the way that's safest for everyone :)

In the meantime, I am preparing the house for winter and enjoying the change in seasons; being able to wear my leather boots, leather gloves and furs again feels nice. No updates on the court case, which I am also taking as somehow being good news.

I had my "last supper" in London last week, at Davies and Brook @ Claridge's, which I highly recommend visiting (with someone from your household, of course!!). We got a fabulous corner table. The ambiance was just perfect and our maître d' was the exact right balance of formal and knowledgeable while also being welcoming and entertaining, in a refined, low-key way, of course.

Most importantly, *Daniel Humm* is the resident chef- he has two Michelin stars, which is unusual for someone who was based in the States- admittedly, New York- and his restaurant there was once considered the best in the whole world. I think I spotted the man himself at one point, standing unobtrusively by the kitchen door and just observing the reactions to his food in the room. His ingeniously, perfectly, simply balanced flavours using seasonal produce and classic/ traditional touches was literally breathtaking!!

They had my favourite kind of caviar as a starter, Imperial Osietra (bigger and smoother-tasting than some other caviars- I'm generally not so keen on caviars that are aggressively "fishy" tasting, if you know what I mean), so of course I chose that, and honestly, it might be the best thing I have ever put in my mouth (although there is much competition on that front).

Even the dirty martinis in Davies and Brooke are much better than the ones served in the main Claridge's bar... perfectly mixed with superior olives and just the right amount of "dirt" ;)

So that's a meal I will be fantasising about for the next few months... possibly while I survive on toast and Ramen at home for the next few weeks (I'm more an eater than a cooker).

I need to expand my restaurant knowledge outside of London and Paris, better yet in good company. There must be lots of hidden gems dotted around England that I don't know about? I'd love to hear from you if you know any (email below). I'm open to any kind of cuisine if it's executed well.

I am a kinky London escort and luxurious dating companion. I enjoy vintage glamour, fine dining, and visiting mature businessmen in their 5* hotels. If you would like to comment on this post, please email misslillywatson@protonmail.com.

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