Show me the bunny!

A photo shoot with my girlfriend Darla from a bright day in February, in case you haven't already seen it. Thank you Darla for letting me show off my new vinyl mackintosh, sheer harness lingerie, fully fashioned stockings, lace bunny ears and Prada heels! We got some funny looks shooting this in public. There are a couple of outtakes of my hurriedly leaping back into my shiny mackintosh, and even putting a more respectable-looking black raincoat on over the top of it so I'd get less attention! I ended up feeling like some sort of flasher, which probably explains some of the shots!

You may have seen these already online in colour, because I think colour is more eye-catching for Twitter and so on, but here in my blog I am posting them as they were shot and intended to be seen, in black and white :)

I am an elegant, affectionate, sensual hedonist and elite, discreet dating companion... a blonde, ultrafeminine and authentically kinky English rose. I like to laugh, smile, flirt and play, whether for a moment’s welcome escape, a wild afternoon or an opulent evening for two… anywhere 5* between London and Devon. If you would like to comment on this post or arrange a date, please email

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